How to register as a Wholesale Retailer


In this tutorial, we will go through how to register for Wholesale Pricing at My Little bake co. As a Wholesale Member you will receive:

  • Heavily reduced pricing not available to the public 
  • Permission to resell My Little Bake co cookies
  • The ability to subscribe to regular deliveries of cookies (coming soon)

So let's begin!


  1. Click the link on the Wholesale Ordering link in the main menu then click the link to Purchase a Membership

  2. Fill out the Wholesale Membership form and click Add to Cart

  3. Confirm your business details then;
  4. Click the Check Out button

  5. Use Express checkout or enter your Billing Details. Then click Continue to payment

  6. Open the email sent to you with the subject "Your new membership!"

  7. Click the link to Create an Account or to Login into your existing account then;
  8. Return to the email and copy the discount code, or click the link provided to have it added at checkout automatically

  9. Ensure you only add products from our Wholesale Catalogue and you will receive the subscription cost reimbursed
  10. Contact us if you need any help!


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