You know, baking has been my thing since I was knee-high, hanging out in the kitchen with my bowls and whisks at the age of 9. It was like this sweet obsession I just had to learn everything about the ingredients and the magic they create.

I picked up the tricks of the trade working part-time in a small bakery, soaking in the art of baking. Fast forward to 2011, and I nailed my first tiered cake. That's when the idea of "My Little Bake Co" took shape. It started as something else, but hey, evolution is a beautiful thing.

Since then, I've been baking up a storm. But here's the exciting part—I've teamed up with some heavy hitters like Mazda Australia, Buckingham Real Estate, Spotlight, Wonderpies stannards, and a bunch more. We're talking about turning my passion into collaborations that bring the most amazing cookies to life, with that being said, what truly lights up my baking journey is working with everyday heroes—my customers. Whether it’s crafting cookies for weddings, birthdays, or any special occasion, these moments are my heartbeat.

It's not just about cookies, it's about infusing a piece of love and dedication into every bite. "My Little Bake Co" is more than a name it's a delicious journey, and I'm thrilled to keep sharing the sweetness with everyone who places an order with me.